Hi Lucy, I just wanted to say thank you. The ceremony was beautiful… I will never forget. Again, thanks.

– CZ, Brooklyn, NY

Lucy E. Waldman did my son’s bris and she was wonderful. She did an excellent circumcision, her leading of the ceremony was moving and she was very respectful of and attentive to the fact that I was freaking out about the whole thing and she put me at ease. I had an initial interview with another mohel who suggested that I fire my pediatrician because she advised putting my son’s medical health before his religious integrity. So I was especially glad to find someone more than competent in such a stressful situation! Thought it was worth passing along.


Thank you so much… I could not have asked for anything more…

– JS, Brooklyn, NY

We held the bris for our second son in our home with Lucy. The mohel we used for our first son was a pediatrician who took extra care to ensure that the procedure was as painless as possible. We have since moved and were looking for someone with the same approach. Lucy took such wonderful care to make sure that he was comfortable and safe through the whole procedure and recovery. The ceremony she conducted was lovely and warm. She got a laugh and collective sigh of relief when she had to tell the crowd the circumcision was over – because the baby didn’t cry!! She was also excellent on follow up and amazingly responsive to all my questions.

– DP, Short Hills, NJ

Recently I had a bris for my son (yikes, weird to say) and Lucy Waldman was the mohelet. I wanted to let you know how awesome she was – she not only spent time with us prior to the bris, she came to visit baby Ari to check on him (never heard of a mohel who did that). She also helped with me breastfeeding and answered all my questions. She was so easy to work with and did a great job (with the ritual and the snip-snip!).


Thank you, Lucy. You did an incredible service filled with warmth, love and tradition which left an impact on everyone attending. I put in your info on my Blackberry so I have it handy for referrals. With thanks… Shabbat Shalom.

– DB, Oakland, NJ

Lucy Waldman conducted a wonderful ceremony for our family, and most importantly for our beautiful son. Her deep knowledge and appreciation of medicine, coupled with her warm personality, made for a very fast and comforting procedure. She was also very organized and fluent with her methods, while creating a warm environment. When we had questions, she called us back immediately. My husband and I feel that we can trust her and she would be the first person we would think of to use or recommend.

– RCB, Cranford, NJ

We found lucy through our rabbi… from the first phone call with her we felt like she was a longtime friend. Our baby has a cleft lip and we wanted someone with medical knowledge to reassure us that everything would go smoothly. Lucy came to our apt before the bris and examined Dylan.we discussed our families involvement in the ceremony and she was able to accommodate us with all our requests to have different family members involved. Day of the bris she was amazing….she numbed Dylan and he didn’t even flinch the whole time. he actually slept the entire time. Our family loved her and said that was the best bris they ever attended..and many of our non Jewish friends felt like they actually knew what was going on because Lucy explained everything that was going on to the entire room. Afterwards, Lucy checked up on Dylan over the phone and hand come over a few days later to make sure everything was healing properly. I would highly recommend her to all our friends and family..and would absolutely use her again if we have another boy.

– GFL, Oak Knoll, NJ

We used Lucy Waldman for the bris of our son and it was an excellent experience. We really couldn’t have been happier with her professionalism, personality, openness, flexibility and warmth. She was outstanding with our baby and we felt in good hands. I have been strongly recommending already to anyone who asks.

Our son recovered perfectly. We did as Lucy instructed us for the week following the bris. She was available via email, phone and text when I had questions (and I had some really silly questions!) I should add that my Mom grew up Conservative/Orthodox and was so taken by Lucy. She remarked that she had never seen a more “traditional” mohel take such care with a baby before, during and after a bris. Lucy came back last week to check out our boy and said he was in good shape. He has never exhibited any discomfort since, maybe, the second diaper change after the bris. I feel Lucy brings that wonderful female “mom” energy to the room and to the baby which, I imagine, is another source of comfort. On a very practical level, she knows how to handle a kid and soothe him and she held our son with confidence and warmth. He took to her immediately.

I wanted to thank you again for your wisdom, sweetness, patience, care and everything else you brought to little Henry’s bris. When my son and his wife (who is not Jewish) told me that they had decided to raise their son in the tradition, I was very touched. I had not pushed them in that direction, because it had to be their decision, and so it was especially meaningful to me. In return, I wanted to honor them by finding a mohel who would bridge the gap between the ancient ritual and their own sensibilities. What luck finding you!

Thank you Lucy for a beautiful service yesterday… You are an amazing person and our family loved you!

Yana and I would just like to say thank you again for everything. You really made us feel comfortable with the whole process and the ceremony was perfect. Little Joshie is doing very well by the way (he really hasn’t cried much since the bris). We feel very lucky that we were able to have you do the bris and really appreciate how gentle and caring you were with him!

How can I express to you our thanks for all of your work and dedication to little Elliot’s brit milah?
You were helpful, informative, understanding, flexible, etc. etc. etc. You put me and my wife at ease, my family at ease, my in-laws at ease, and my son at ease. If anyone ever asks me if I know mohel or a midwife in which I would entrust my family, you can be assured that they’ll be given your name. Thanks again!
– Lou, Cynthia, Charlotte, and Elliot

Our son is doing so amazingly well! The healing has been progressing so quickly, even our pediatrician was surprised, when we went in the following day (gave her your cards)

Lucy, Just wanted to thank you again for conducting a beautiful bris for my grandson Max. You were very impressive. Your warmth and sensitivity were felt by everyone in the room.

– JA, Morristown,NJ

Hi Lucy,
Thank you again for performing the circumcision on Sharper. He’s healing beautifully and is doing great!

– LL,New York,NY

We had a bris at our home this past Saturday and had a great, local mohel. Lucy Waldman, a Glenwood mom of 4 boys, is a certified nurse, midwife, and mohel. She was warm, efficient, and concerned about our son’s pain. Her follow-up has been outstanding and our pediatrician praised the cut. Our service was customized to our wishes and very personable.

– LB,Short Hills, NJ

Hi all — I went to a local Bris this past weekend where the Mohel (pronounced moyel) was fellow workmom, Lucy Waldman. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and there were no tears from the baby at all!! Lucy is a Certified Nurse Midwife, a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University and Hebrew Union College, Brit Milah Board. She uses a local anesthesia approved for newborns (other than Emla creme, which is not approved for newborn use). She has been a practicing nurse midwife in NYC for 15 years. Newborn circumcisions are part of routine midwifery practice. As a Mohel, Lucy is certified to do Jewish Ritual Circumcision (Bris) and also Brit/Simchat Bat (Jewish baby naming for girls).

– MF, Millburn, NJ